Shanghai Port Figures

Shanghai Port Group reached a record breaking 40 millionth TEU (twenty equivalent unit / twenty foot container) crossing its Yangshan dock on December 29, making the city’s port the first and only in the world to move that many containers in 2017.

Shanghai lifted its first million TEU in 1994 and then surpassed 20 million TEU in 2006, then reaching 20 million TEU in 2010, at which time cargo throughput and container throughput ranked the first in the world, reported state-run China News Network.

In 2011, Shanghai throughput exceeded 30 million TEU. Statistics show that 99 per cent of the foreign trade goods in Shanghai go in and out via Shanghai Port.

On December 10, after three years of construction of the world’s largest automated container terminal – Yangshan – officially opened for trial operations.

A total of seven automated container berths were constructed. The total length of the container terminal shoreline was 2,350 metres. The capacity of the design terminal was initially set at four million TEU and the future was 6.3 million TEU.

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