Shanghai Customs 24 Hour Advance Manifest Rule

The above manifest rule has come into effect on June 28th 2014.  This rule, know as the AMR, ensures that before cargo can be loaded, that shipping lines to electronically submit to customs the advanced manifest information on maritime container cargo to be loaded onto vessels that are intended to enter into Shanghai port and inland Yangtze River ports (transship in Shanghai port).

In principal, the shipping line’s submission must be filed no later than 24 hours before cargo loading.

The following information is mandatory when filing:

  •         Shipper’s Details: Name, Full Physical address, Telephone, City, Country
  •         Consignee’s Details: Name, Full Physical address, Telephone, City, Country
  •         Notify Party name and address when “To order” BL
  •         Cargo Description: Acceptable & specific description of goods. The first 6 digits HS code is required
  •         Package Type Code
  •         Number of Packages: Total Gross weight, packages, type of packages
  •         Total Gross weight, Total number of packages, Type of packages
  •         Container Number
  •         Container Seal
  •         UN Number for Dangerous Goods and IMDG Class

The following is a list of Non Compliance:

  •        Late or incomplete declarations rejected by Shanghai custom, cargo will not be allowed to be loaded onboard vessel if not cleared by customs.
  •        Cargo will not be allowed to be discharged in Shanghai if (a) rejected by Customs or (b) clearance has not been received by Customs
  •        It is highly recommended NOT to amend import manifest more than once, it may be seized by Shanghai customs for inspection

Additional costs will be applicable for the Shanghai AMR. Please kindly contact us for more information.

Image credit: Shanghai Customs