Seven containers = one magic home

Using this blog we have been able to show you some beautiful homes that have been made using the ever purposeful shipping container.

These boxes of steel spend their lives being loaded and unloaded – traveling the world on the largest of vessels, but they also integrate seamlessly into the design world.

Using shipping containers for building is certainly not a new trend.  People began constructing homes from recycled containers back in the ’70’s but it’s only recently that the term “cargotecture” has been coined.

ModEco Development have recently built a beautiful house in southeast Michigan. This modern design home is packed with sharp right angles. Sporting big windows it certainly mimics a traditionally built abode.

Five forty foot containers along with two twenty footers make up this three bedroom, two and a half bathroom home.  In one day it sold for USD430,000.

Enough talk, do you want to see the pictures?

An industrial and modern facade

The outside of the containers have been kept as is for authenticity

Luxurious and functional kitchen and bathrooms

The two car garage is built from two shipping containers

ModEco Development’s website states “We’re sticklers for design and quality. Let us turn your wish into reality.”  We think that someone’s dream certainly has come true.

Would you like to live in this distinctive house? (I know I certainly would!)

Image and storage credit