Sailor Monument

A three metre sculpture of a sailor was unveiled late September as part of the Australian Sailor Monument, honouring the contribution of Aussie seafarers.

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan recently unveiled the bronze sculpture and it is to be the centrepiece of the Monument, which is under construction at Rous Head in Fremantle.

Mr McGowan said he was delighted to unveil the sculpture, honouring the contribution of thousands of indigenous Australians, explorers, settlers, sailors, adventurers, Navy personnel, migrants and fishermen who have all played an important role in our nation’s maritime heritage.

“This magnificent sculpture will stand as a permanent tribute to those who have sailed our nation’s seas and waterways, and will watch over those who go down to the sea in ships for generations to come,” he said.

“The Australian Sailor Monument is the first national monument to be based in our State and I urge all Western Australians to come down to Elizabeth Quay and take a look for themselves.”

Australian Sailor Monument project convenor Gavin Ryan thanked Mr McGowan for marking the occasion.

“Western Australia’s past, present and future prosperity is closely linked to the sea,” he said.

“The Australian Sailor Monument honours the sailors who have served, and continue to serve our country while also recognising all those who have contributed to our nation’s maritime legacy. The Monument will stand as a lasting testament to their courage, spirit and contribution.”

The bronze sculpture depicts a young sailor gesturing goodbye as he climbs the gangplank to set sail. It was created by WA artists Charles Smith and Joan Walsh-Smith of Smith Sculptors.

The sculpture will be on display at Elizabeth Quay for several months before being relocated and positioned as the centrepiece of the Australian Sailor Monument at Rous Head.

Images of the sculpture can be found on The Australian Sailor Monument website.

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