Rogue Containers in Wellington Harbour


Three floating bright orange shipping containers have gained notoriety in New Zealand.

The three containers, which were empty, were blown into the harbour in winds in excess of 100km/h.

Harbourmaster Mike Pryce commented “I can’t remember the last time, I think last time two blew off a container ship, but I can’t recall them blowing into the harbour off the wharf before.”

The two forty foot containers and one twenty foot container were rounded up by Centerpoint Tugs and Maritime Police.

A quick thinking individual was quick to register the Twitter account @roguecontainers, tracking the mishap with well timed humour – all taken from the shipping containers point of view.

Here are some of our favourite tweets:


Don’t make us go back. We’re just numbers to them. #FreetheCentreportThree


WgtnRogueContainers @RogueContainers  ·  Mar 5

Is that a fat joke? “@paulsgrover: Pilot boat now has third container – hope the rope holds. “

WgtnRogueContainers @RogueContainers  ·  Mar 5

If you ordered anything from @amazon @amazonin the last couple of weeks…we’re sorry.


WgtnRogueContainers @RogueContainers  ·  Mar 5

Tell you what, we’re totally entering Dragon Boat Festival this year.


Be honest: who hasn’t made a run for it at 4pm on a Friday?

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