Robust container pools

If you’ve followed our blog for awhile, you would love that we love everything to do with shipping containers.  Whether it’s classrooms, skyscrapers or family homes made of recycled shipping containers, we’re there. These sturdy steel boxes are relentless in proving that you can do just about anything with them or to them.

Shipping containers (also known as sea containers) have been around since the early ’50’s and with over 90% of the world’s products traveling inside them at one point there’s so many reasons (and more!) why we love them.

We’re in the thick of summer right now and as the temperature here in Perth heats up our thoughts have been turned to swimming pools that can be adapted from recycled shipping containers.  Last year we shared some amazing pictures of finished pools on our blog.

We’ve been contacted a few times regarding these pools and whether we can offer such conversions, but alas we cannot – we just love the shipping container’s versatility! Constant google searching and pinning have given us endless pictures to drool on and we wanted to share with you one company that we have come across during our searches that are making gorgeous shipping container pools.

The company is Robust Pools and their website states “The up cycling of a shipping container into a swimming pool as a construction technology is a highly sustainable practice.” Yup, it sure is.

Robust Pools are located in Yandina, Queensland and they’ve hit the nail right on the head when it comes to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) for these types of pools.

These pools are genius in their simplicity and so ascetically pleasing.  We’ve also watched their youtube video at least ten times a few times. We can’t get enough.

What are your thoughts on these pools? Would you like to have a dip in one right now?

All source and Credit: Robust Pools