Riley Merlin 1936

We ship a lot of different cargo around the world here at EES.  Ever since the opening of our warehouse facilities we are now in the fortunate position to be able to pack (and unpack!) a range of diverse products.

We’ve even blogged about shipping motorbikes to Asia and also about our very first container unpack.

Today we are bringing you something a little different.  During the month of July we partnered up with the team at R.Melling and Associates to pack and ship this stunning 1936 Riley Merlin Special to Felixstowe in the United Kingdom.

This historic headturner certainly drew a lot of attention at our warehouse whilst it was prepared to be shipped overseas.

Moving vehicles around the world is a specialty for the team at R.Melling and Associates.  Not only can they arrange customs clearance of any imported cars, exporting cars is also a breeze. With R.Melling and Associates expertise, you’re in good hands.

The current owner of this impressive 80-year-old car lives between both Perth and Malaysia and has had the pleasure of owning this vehicle for five years.   The Riley Merlin will arrive in the UK ready to be driven on tour along with other vintage cars.

Want to know a little bit more about the Riley Merlin? Head here.