Red Imported Fire Ants – Fremantle

Late last year it was reported that the detection of the Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA) had been made in Fremantle.

If you operate within the affected areas, this is a reminder from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Due to a detection of red imported fire ant (RIFA) at Fremantle Port, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) has established a 2km Quarantine Area that restricts the movement of host material that could spread the pest to other areas.

Restrictions and the full list of host material are detailed in the Quarantine Area Notice on the DPIRD website. They apply to (but are not limited to) potted plants, soil, grass, manure, mulch and earthmoving equipment/machinery that has been in the Quarantine Area for MORE than 5 days. These host materials may be moved only with written approval from DPIRD. Contact the department’s Pest and Disease Information Service on 9368 3080 to apply for movement authorisation.

Shipping containers may be moved if they are free from any host material. This will require businesses to undertake a visual check and clean where necessary. See ‘Quarantine area restrictions for business’ on the DPIRD website for more information.

The department is asking for your help to ensure this unwanted pest does not establish in WA. Anyone working in freight, transport, warehousing, industrial areas and businesses that involve cargo from overseas is encouraged to report any new or suspicious ant activity to DPIRD.

If you see something, take a photo if safe to do so and contact DPIRD by downloading the MyPestGuideTM Reporter app, email or call their Pest and Disease Information Service on 9368 3080. For more information go to