Re: Start Shopping Mall

Mitch (EES Shipping Business Development Manager) was telling us about this sweet mall in Christchurch, New Zealand that was constructed using shipping containers.

It’s one of the coolest shopping malls that we have ever seen.

You can head over to their website for more details, but we thought that we would share a few of their awesome pictures with you.

Initially 64 containers were shipped into Lyttelton on the MOL Summer.  You can see all the containers at the rear of the ship.

The MOL Summer pulling into port.

Most of the construction on the containers was completed on site.

Containers were painted in vibrant colours

Shoppers enjoy the structures as much as the shopping.

Sadly, the mall may need to be de-constructed in April and possibly re-located.

A few people have suggested that I have perhaps “too much” love for the use of shipping containers in construction.  I think, what could be better? Shipping containers are not only cheap and easy to build with (think lego!), they also remind us that the majority of the products sold at this shopping complex (more than likely) spent some time being transported in them..

The shipping industry makes the world go around.  That’s why Logistics is our World at EES…

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