Today we’re talking about eCommerce and streamlining processes. EES are partnering up with Quickmail for all your picking and packing needs.  Take a look below.

Streamlining your 3PL and e-commerce

For anyone running an eCommerce business, the main aim is to keep costs down and profits up. You most likely want to also streamline operations and make things run smoothly whilst still ensuring your time is spent on activities that grow the business.

For eCommerce businesses, one of the best ways to streamline things is to use a third-party logistics provider (3PL). Our friends at Quickmail are there to help you do just that!

Quickmail is a WA owned family run business who help eCommerce business to store stock, pick, pack and ship their orders. We asked them for their top tips on why you should consider using a 3PL for your e-commerce business;

6 ways to streamline your business through a 3PL provider

A 3rd party logistics company can help organisations of any size from start-up to a large enterprise.

At Quickmail, because of our expertise in the eCommerce and Order Fulfilment space, we can save you time, energy, and money by streamlining your receival of goods, storage, order packing and distribution.

Your customers will likely have expectations of how easy it is to order from you, and how smoothly the buying process will be with you. Therefore, efficient order fulfillment is key to your sales results and your brand reputation.

Here’s how Quickmail can be your 3PL partner and help you streamline your eCommerce business:

  • Better control of your inventory


By using a 3PL service like Quickmail, you will be able to manage your inventory more efficiently and ensure that your stock levels are accurate. Quickmail have a team of developers who have built an easy-to-use system that allows customers to access easy stock level reporting and can synchronise with your ecommerce platform like Shopify.

  1. Reduce replicate tasks

With Quickmail you will be able to eliminate tasks that drain your productivity. Our team can be your workhorse and look after all the picking and packing of daily orders.

  • Competitive parcel rates


We send thousands of parcels every month so have access to excellent parcel rates and pass these savings on to you! Plus, our team follow up on any delivery issues.

  • Outsource storage space but keep flexibility


It can be costly and rather annoying to store your products yourself at home or in a storage facility. And if your stock is currently taking over your garage, kitchen table, or your spare room – or all of the above! – then it’s time to outsource storage capabilities to us. You are only charged for the storage space that you use.

  • Easily manage all your returns & exchanges (Reverse Logistics)


Offering an easy return and exchange process for customers is essential in today’s competitive e-commerce landscape. We can receive returns on your behalf, add them back into storage, and ship exchanges.

  1. Free yourself up focus on growing your business

Are you spending too much time on orders, taking your focus away from your core business activities? As a business owner, you can’t afford to lose time on filling orders, packing, taking items to the post office, dealing with returns… it’s just too much. One of the main benefits of partnering with a 3PL is knowing that we can quickly handle your inventory, delivery, and returns.

Just get the team at EES to arrange your inward shipments and deliver direct to Quickmail who will look after all your ecommerce fulfilment needs.

Ecommerce made easy

Third-party logistics providers can help you improve your efficiency, customer service, and flexibility. They can also help you control your supply chain and reduce your costs.

Quickmail are experts in helping eCommerce businesses.

Get in touch with Sophie today to discuss how Quickmail can assist you: (08) 9493 0477 or sophie@quickmail.com.au