Protection works on Fremantle traffic and rail bridges start

Pier protection works at Fremantle’s traffic and rail bridges will improve safety for road, rail and river users.


Inner Harbour bridges 2.JPG
Fremantle’s rail and traffic bridges

At the traffic bridge this involves repairing 62 piles then reinforcing the existing timber fender system with new metal structures.

Fremantle traffic bridge.jpg
Fremantle traffic bridge

At the rail bridge concrete dolphins (bumpers) will be constructed in-river (downstream) to absorb significant force in the case of impact by a vessel.

Work on the two bridges has been combined to allow concurrent works on the rail and traffic bridges which will minimise disruption to river traffic and the wider community and realise cost savings.

Funding of about $25 million has been jointly provided by Main Roads, as the contracting agency and asset owner of the traffic bridge, and the Public Transport Authority as asset owner of the rail bridge.

To support this project, there will be some enhancement of existing navigational aids in the river channel to improve marine vessel flow and meet international standards.

The PTA will also install an early collision warning system to stop trains in the event of a major impact.

Important information for mariners

There will be intermittent channel closures in the river from May 2015 that will be advertised to mariners well in advance.

All mariners are encouraged to refer to the Department of Transport’s Marine and Safety webpage for Temporary Notices to Mariners (TNTMs) that relate to these works.

Spotter vessels will also be operating on either side of the bridges to provide guidance during channel closures, but mariners are reminded to observe all warning signage and avoid the construction area.


  • April 2015 – contractor mobilises to site
  • May 2015 – work starts in the river
  • December 2015 – traffic bridge works complete
  • September 2016 – rail bridge works complete.


More informationFremantle Traffic and Rail Bridge Protection Works (Main Roads WA)

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