Prohibited and restricted imports

The import of certain goods into Australia is monitored and controlled by the Australian Border Force (ABF). The control includes:

  • an absolute prohibition, where you are not allowed to import the goods in any circumstances, or
  • a restriction, where you need to have written permission in order to import the goods.

The Australian Border Force website clearly outlines:

  • what goods are prohibited or restricted
  • where you can obtain more information about the control, and
  • contact details to seek permission to import restricted goods.

Listed in alphabetical order, complete with drop down explanations, this clear guide is informative and comprehensive.

From cat and dog fur products (restricted import) to radio active substances (restricted import) you will find this website to be just what you need when it comes to restricted and prohibited imports into Australia.

The information about prohibited and restricted goods provided on this website is a guide only. Please exercise care with its use. Please seek more information to ensure that you will comply with legislative requirements before attempting to import restricted goods.