Product Emissions Standards

Emissions from certain products can be a significant source of air pollution, particularly in urban areas. The product emissions standards help improve our air quality to protect human health and the environment. By setting emissions standards and stopping high-emitting products from entering Australia, pollutants in our air are reduced.

Importers and manufacturers of power equipment and marine engines have previously been advised of the Australian Government’s new Noxious Emissions Standard Act. This commenced on 1 July 2018 and is now in force.

The Product Emissions Standards Rules (the Rules) have been amended to extend the commencement date of the supply offences by a further 12 months. The offences relating to the supply of products wlll now commence on 1 July 2020 (instead of 1st July 2019)..

This one-off extension has been granted in response to concerns raised by industry regarding the impacts the drought is having on product demand and the difficulty for retailers to sell their remaining uncertified products before 1 July 2019. This extension will allow those experiencing difficulties more time to sell their remaining uncertified stock prior to the new commencement date of 1 July 2020.

The offences relating to the import of these products commenced on 1 July 2018 and are not affected by this change.

Please kindly contact our Customs Broker, David Gibson, should you have any queries regarding this change.