Port of Vancouver chemical fire

Image credit: @IAFF18, Twitter

Firefighters have been called in to battle a chemical fire at the Port of Vancouver.  The fire started in a shipping container containing hazardous material at Port Metro Vancouver.

The Vancouver Fire Department received the call at 1.38PM local time, with the shipping container in question being located in the Centerm Container Terminal. The call was then upgraded to Hazmat Level 3 when it was discovered that the shipping container’s cargo was Trichloroisocyanuric acid (a bleaching agent and industrial disinfectant).  The fire has since spread to other shipping containers.

Two fire boats were also dispatched to tackle the blaze with nearby residents being asked to close windows and stay inside.

CP Rail Line in the area was also shut down.

The chemical that is burning is creating a smoke that smells like chlorine and is burning peoples eyes. There has been reports that some commuter train lines are affected.

At this stage it is not known how the fire started.

Firefighters battle the out of control blaze from the skies. Image credit: Jonathan Hayward, Canadian Press

CP Rail Line has been closed. Image credit: @IAFF18, Twitter

Thick smoke blankets the port. Image credit: Jonathan Hayward, THE CANADIAN PRESS