Pirate Day 2017

Did you know that today, the 19th of September, is International Talk Like a Pirate Day?  Yup, we’re not kidding.

Now whilst we’re not going to make you have a conversation in fluent pirate, we’re using this opportunity to shine a light on a number of pirate attacks that happen worldwide. 

We’re not talking about the sea shanty singing, rum-swigging eye patch wearing pirates.  We’re talking about modern day pirates. The kind that murder and kidnap crew members of huge vessels and tankers, even container ships.

The ICC (Commercial Crime Services) website is a fantastic tool for seafarers traveling across the globe.  It provides live updates on incidents that are reported by crew members.  As of yesterday the 18th September, this was a screenshot of the map:

Details of the attacks are also listed on this website.

Whilst some attacks are political, most vessels are boarded by pirates looking for money or ships stores.

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