Performance not enhanced

The Australian Border Force (ABF), Victoria Police and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have joined hands to ensure that 118kgs of Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIED) will never hit our streets.

Two men and a woman were arrested following an investigation that commenced in Melbourne in January 2015.  At both Sydney and Melbourne’s International Mail Gateway Facilities, packages were examined by officers from the Australian Border Force (ABF).  These parcels contained various powdered substances that were suspected to be PIED’s.

The Australian Border Force (ABF) officers conducted search warrants at premises in Melbourne suburbs of Southbank and Camberwell (residential apartments) as well as a storage facility in Oakleigh.

As a result, three people were arrested and charged under the Customs Act 1901 for importation of a Tier 1 good.

A forth person was also arrested by South Australian Police in relation to this seizure.  This person is also facing additional charges for the manufacture and distribution of PIED’s.

ABF Commander Immigration and Customs Enforcement Branch, David Nockel said “Our inter-agency approach to collaboration and information sharing has created a very challenging environment for organised crime syndicates to operate in. Our message to people who are tempted to import these substances without the appropriate permits is that we are alert to this activity and are working closely with law enforcement partners to detect and disrupt illegal importations into Australia.”

The maximum penalty for importation of Tier 1 goods is a fine not exceeding $180 000, five years imprisonment or both.

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