Peak Season Wharf Activity

We are currently in the peak season leading up to Christmas. During this period, it can be extremely difficult and confusing for the wharves, transport companies and local agents.

A lot of importers have asked us recently if there will be any industrial issues during this time (as we have seen in previous years).
Unfortunately, we do not know the answer as upcoming industrial disputes are not often publicised prior to them commencing.

Case in point: the APL Turquoise is currently off Fremantle in anchorage. We have been advised by the shipping lines that this vessel will not be worked within Australia by the MUA workforce. This is now causing disruptions for all importers who have containers on board this vessel. It is currently unknown where or when these containers will be discharged.
This is a perfect example of the unknown, unforeseen issues that we deal with all the time in the shipping industry.

EES Shipping assures you that if we hear of any industrial strikes or issues we will inform you immediately.

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