Peak Season is here

There’s warm buzz in the air which can only mean one thing – peak season is upon us.

With the commencement of this notoriously crazy time of the year, the industry is urging importers to be prepared to avoid any unnecessary delays.

We’ve discussed before the importance of the following:

  • Order early – this step may not apply currently (as we are in November, if you haven’t ordered already, you’re more than likely going to miss out on your stock arriving before the Christmas / New Years period.)
  • Documentation – stress to your supplier that they provide you with the correct and complete documentation as soon as the vessel has departed.
  • Telex release / Original Bill of lading – ensure that payment is organised with your supplier to prevent any hold up of the telex release or original bill of lading. If shipment is under a letter of credit, please keep a good relationship with your bank to secure documents with ease, once monetary details are finalised.
  • Delivery – If your container is to be dropped off in an obscure location, a mud map of where you would like the container to go is preferred.
    Remember, if your warehouse is near breaking point, let us know and we can arrange storage in our brand new facility.
  • Empty container – notify us immediately. You can do this via email.  Our website has further instructions on what to do when your container is empty.

These next few months are the busiest of the entire year, and delays will be experienced due to the large volumes of cargo moving into the country..