Paperless is the answer

China Customs have announced that their newly introduced paperless system is enhancing efficiency.

The system was introduced in April last year, allowing shippers to submit documents electronically. When lodging via paper, declarations usually include seven to eight pages or manifest, invoices and certificates.  Depending on the cargo, declarations could have more than one hundred pages.  With electronic submission, it voids the need for such a heavy paper burden.

As of January 1, 29.07 million electronic manifests were handled by China Customs. This was 54.7 per cent of the total.   The clearance time has been shortened up to four hours.

In 2014, China Customs will increase paperless clearances to 70 to 80 percent of the country.

We at EES Shipping believe that paperless systems are the way of the future, with our office also working towards this goal.

Source: Asian Shipper News