Over $30 million worth of narcotics seized at our border in November

ABF officers intercepted more than 40 shipments of illicit drugs in air cargo and international mail in November with an estimated street value of more than $30 million.

The smuggling attempts in international post, air and sea cargo were foiled across Australia.

In total officers detected about 86kg of ephedrine, 70kg of methamphetamine, 45 litres of liquid methamphetamine, 18kg of heroin, 14kg of cocaine, 10 litres of GBL, and 2kg of opium.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Operations Steve Lancaster said ABF officers were experts in targeting, identifying and detecting anomalies in parcels and cargo despite criminals’ unceasing attempts to ‘beat the system’.

“Our message is clear; working with our partner agencies before, at and after the border the ABF has the intelligence, specialised training and detection technology to make these seizures and prevent dangerous drugs reaching our streets,” Acting Deputy Commissioner Lancaster said.

“If you are attempting to import illicit substances you can expect that sooner or later the law will catch up with you.”

The detections recorded at the border in November, traditionally a busy month for parcel traffic in the lead-up to Christmas, may indicate criminals are hoping their illicit trade will go unnoticed in the increased volume of cargo.

“Our officers know the threat increases at this time of the year and are alert to both the risk and the added challenge of making these detections in a high volume environment,” Acting Deputy Commissioner Lancaster said.

“All detections add to the intelligence picture for the ABF and its partner agencies, and may lead to further border operations, investigations, and the laying of criminal charges.”

Note to editors:
The figures are significant detections, and do not include smaller seizures particularly those made at airports, which have already been the subject of public reporting by the ABF. The figures quoted are based on preliminary reports from border operations and may be subject to later revision.

Estimated street value calculated using the Australian Crime Commission’s Illicit Drug Data Report 2013-14.

Source: ABF