Outwitted again

Australian Customs have once again foiled an attempt to import methamphetamine into the country.

The shipment, a medium sized truck, arrived into Brisbane port, destined for Melbourne delivery. In one of the largest joint operations by waterfront task forces, Brisbane (Jericho), Sydney (Polaris) and Melbourne (Trident), as well as the Sydney-based Joint Organised Crime Group and the Melbourne-based Joint Organised Crime Taskforce uncovered a crystalline substance concealed in the tyres of the truck. Initial testing determined the substance to be methamphetamine.

A controlled operation commenced, along with a controlled delivery. Three men were subsequently arrested and charged with Police alleging that two of the men were recently employed as Melbourne dock workers.

Their offences can carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

This operation shows that Australian authorities are more united than ever in the fight against organised crime. It also shows that no matter how sophisticated the concealment, Australian Customs and Border Protection, along with the assistance of various agencies, have the technology and intelligence to stop these importations in their tracks.

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