Our top 5 ways to re-use containers

They work all their life, being moved around the world from port to port. They never really have a home, even when they are in the dehire yards. It’s nice to know that eventually, when they are too old and tired to be shipped anymore, that sea containers will be utilised for some innovative purposes.

Today we’re showing you our top 5 ways that containers have been transformed:

  1. This is Shigeru Ban´s Nomadic Museum in Tokyo. It is made out of paper tubes as well as containers.

  2. (image credit borderlandlevants)

  3. This travelling restaurant and eco-exhibit was made by famous installation artist Joost Bakker. This container-built structure moves from city to city.

  4. (image credit: gcaptain.com)

  5. Feel like a swim? The Badeschiff floats on the river Spree in Berlin.

  6. (image credit: gcaptain.com)

  7. How about a school made from containers? This is a fantastic, low cost way to build schools in economically challenged parts of the world.

  8. (image credit marinesight.com)

  9. We saved the best ‘til last! This is the Container Treehouse in Stuttgart, Germany.

  10. (image credit: gcaptain.com)

    What awe-inspiring ways to recycle, re-purpose and reuse!
    (Our favourite is definitely the Container Treehouse – check out that swing!)