No rest for Australian Customs

Australian Customs and Border Protection Services (ACBPS) have proved that they are not slowing down in the lead up to Christmas as two arrests are made following a find of approximately 40kgs of methamphetamine in an import shipment.

The operation began on the 17th November when officers ordered a container to the NSW Container Examination Facility.  They were inspecting a shipment that was manifested as LED lamps and other items.

Eighteen cardboard cartons were examined with a white crystalline substance being located in some air cylinders.  Initial testing of the powder turned positive for methamphetamine.

A controlled delivery was made to a suburb in NSW, Bass Hill.  One man took delivery of the consignment and was immediately arrested.  Another man connected with the alleged import was arrested at a nearby location.

“Customs and Border Protection will not be taking a break this Christmas,” ACBPS Regional Commander NSW, Tim Fitzgerald said.

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