Multiple supplier shipments

Today we are turning our attention to the documentation that is required for full container shipments for one importer that contain multiple suppliers.

These shipments can be tricky, and unless they are handled correctly, you could find yourself with delays an additional costs at the port of discharge.

The most important rule of thumb that is applied for these shipments is that for however many supplier invoices you have, you must have the same amount of house bills of lading.  One house bill of lading cannot be issued for a shipment that has multiple supplier invoices.

Australian Customs released a notice regarding these shipments stating the following:

All shipments arriving into Australia for one consignee that have multiple suppliers must now be shipped individually on separate Bill of lading from each supplier. Multiple suppliers cannot be consolidated into the same consignment under one Bill of lading.

This documentation requirement is necessary for Australian Customs to complete their border risk assessment and facilitate the smooth clearance of cargo.
We note that this is in no way a new regulation, just a reminder of this rule.