MSC Oscar maiden voyage

The World’s Largest Container ship is currently on it’s maiden voyage of the Asia-Europe Loop.

Shipspotters in Asia and Europe have been flocking shores just to get a glimpse of this colossal ship, the MSC Oscar.  At a jaw-dropping 395 meters long and 59 meters wide, you certainly cannot miss it.

Named after the eight-year-old son of Mediterranean Shipping Company’s (MSC) president and chief executive Diego Aponte, the vessel cost $140 million to build.

Pulling alongside at Britian’s largest port, Felixstowe, the MSC Oscar is assisted by tugs.  One of the tugs sprayed jets of water into the air in true maritime celebration.  What a spectacular sight.

The MSC Oscar can hold a record breaking number of containers, 19,244 twenty foot units.

Whilst we celebrate the MSC Oscar, we must spare a thought for the CSCL Globe, who only held the title of the World’s Largest Container ship for 53 days (you’d be forgiven for not knowing that the title changed hands!).  The CSCL Globe holds 19,100 twenty foot containers.

It won’t be long until the ultra mega container ship, which is now on order, will be on it’s maiden voyage, shadowing the MSC Oscar.

If you want to watch a cool video of the MSC Oscar heading into Wilhelmshaven Port, Germany, head here.

It takes the crew and port staff about half an hour to tether the Oscar, which must be manoeuvred slowly into its berth in case it crashes into the side, its gross tonnage of 193,000 capable of huge damage.

Head over here for more pictures on board the MSC Oscar.

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