Moving Mountains

At the beginning of this month EES was faced with a challenge.  An urgent container was arriving into Singapore late, so late that it would miss it’s connecting transhipment vessel to Fremantle.

EES worked closely with ONE (shipping line) here in Fremantle, who in turn worked closely with the PSA (Singapore), to see if there was anything that could be done to ensure that the container arrived in Fremantle as scheduled.

The container was off-loaded from the vessel that it was transported from China on at 1147hrs,  it was then loaded onto it’s connecting carrier at 1150hrs – that’s a three minute time gap!  The transhipment vessel to Fremantle then sailed at 1330hrs making it the quickest connection we have ever seen.

This situation was certainly a one off never-to-be-seen again event.  The stars aligned for this importer (who was working on a CBD contract with late penalty clauses) with container positions on board the vessel becoming the key to this extra smooth, extra fast transition.