Methyl Bromide Update – Singapore

Earlier this month we advised of a shortage in methyl bromide in Singapore.

We have received further advice from Freight & Trade Alliance regarding this developing situation:

  • Issue is not just related to Singapore but a wider global shortage of bromine which is used in the production of Methyl Bromide (MB).
  • The main treatment provider on the PSA (Port of Singapore) footprint has secured sufficient supplies to continue MB treatments and expects extra supplies by February 7.
  • The freight industry in Singapore has been requested to assist with the current shortage by only requesting treatment of the most urgent items in the short term

In talking to the main PSA provider they are doing all in their power to secure and maintain operational levels of MB for industry requirements.

A proposal by the treatment provider in Singapore to use Phosphine as an alternative treatment to Methyl Bromide was raised by FTA with the Department of Agriculture however we were advised they will not accept any other treatment types in substitute of the approved BMSB treatment options (methyl bromide fumigation, sulfuryl fluoride fumigation and heat treatment).  

Source: Freight & Trade Alliance