Meet the Modal

A few people in our office are excited about the newest drone design, the Modal (borne from the Shango).

The Modal is a new aircraft concept that is able to ferry forty foot containers across Africa, the Mediterranean and other seas where trade routes could be interrupted. It would be capable of vertical take-off to access most regions of this vast continent, and would be used to deliver medical supplies and other goods rapidly.

Sounds interesting?  Have a look at the design pictures..

The plane, as envisioned, would tilt its engines to land and takeoff vertically, and leave them level in flight for maximum thrust. The container would sit behind a smoother, aerodynamic nose.

These drones would have to be very big and strong to be able to carry the weight that a full container attracts!

Want to know more about the Modal?  Head to this website.

Also check out this design – shipping containers on a plane!

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