Meet the HMM Algeciras

Shipping enthusiasts have rejoiced with the newest MEGA ship being rolled out into the HMM (Hyundai Merchant Marine) fleet.

Meet the HMM Algeciras. Members of THE Alliance are making plans to reshuffle their Asia-North Europe and Asia-Mediterranean networks in preparation for HMM Algeciras, which will join the vessel grouping in April.

Let’s take a look at the HMM Algeciras up close with these interesting stats:

  • The vessel is 400m long
  • Features 24 rows across
  • Can hold 23,964-TEU (twenty foot equivalent units)  (this is 208TEU bigger than the world’s largest container ships)
  • The Algeciras is the first in a series of seven.

Given that shipping lines are currently blanking sailings with the down turn in the market (due to Coronavirus) we wonder if the release date of this mega ship will be pushed back.  Is bigger necessarily better?

Take a look at some of the world’s largest vessels here.

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