Managing the risk of asbestos at the border

The subject of asbestos in importations is still keeping us busy.

Australia is one of the few countries with an absolute ban on asbestos.   In most countries, a low amount of asbestos is allowed.  Goods that are manufactured outside of Australia can indeed be labelled as “asbestos free” and still contain a small amount of asbestos.

The Australian Border Force (ABF) are responsible for ensuring that the risk of asbestos is managed at the border.  An informative fact sheet has been created covering the following:

  • What time of asbestos is prohibited?
  • Australian border controls
  • Ensuring the goods do not contain asbestos
  • Due Diligence
  • Testing for asbestos
  • If asbestos or ACM is detected at the border
  • Penalties

Click here to read this asbestos-border-factsheet.

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