Living the dream

 Behind these unassuming container doors lives a beautiful self sufficient home, located 35 miles West from Ottawa. The internet has gone crazy over these gorgeous photos of this recycled masterpiece. 

The Canadian man bought three shipping containers for CAD3500 each.  He worked on the home for three months during 2012 for up to 14 hours a day creating this eco-friendly masterpiece. The renewable energy researcher outfitted the home with heated floors and cooling.

The spacious home is contemporary and modern, sleek lines complete the cabin’s look.

The home is not connected to a water supply, with the owner instead borrowing from a neighbour – keeping it flowing from a holding chamber. They trade wood for water.

This minimalistic life costs the owner approx CAD300 per year to maintain.  Solar power runs the lighting.

The open space is inviting and certainly does not look like shipping containers on the inside.

The owner hangs out in his self-sufficient house with his German Shepherd-Rottweiler mix Beatrice. He has plans to use a fourth shipping container to create a second story, to allow him to become closer to the stars..