Latest Seizures by the ABF

There has been many seizures made in the last few months by Australian Border Force (ABF) officers.

Today we thought that we would share with you three of the larger finds.

  1. GBL Seizure

One of Australia’s largest seizures of gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) has been made in Sydney. 

ABF officers physically examined a shipping container that arrived into port containing one hundred and twenty drums of car pre-painting wash.  Abnormalities were noted in ten of the drums.  Presumptive testing of the liquid returned a positive result for GBL totaling an approximate volume of 2000 litres.  The street value of this “coma in a bottle” has been placed at $10 million.

2. Ecstasy Importation

An airfreight consignment arrived into Sydney from Germany and was destined for Canberra. The consignment contained 144 buckets labelled as chlorine, concealing bags of a white crystalline substance. A presumptive test indicated a positive reaction to methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA).  The total weight of the MDMA concealed in the consignment was 356kg and estimated street value up to $40.5 million dollars.

3. Crystal Methamphetamine Haul

ABF officers intercepted a sea freight shipment containing two crane jibs that was destined for Adelaide. Examination revealed 313 clip seal bags containing a white crystalline substance concealed inside the metal base attached to one of the jib arms. A presumptive test indicated a positive reaction to crystal methamphetamine (ice). AFP officers seized the consignment and forensic testing confirmed the total weight of the drugs concealed in the crane was 313 kilograms. This has a potential estimated street value up to $270 million.

The above is just a quick take on seizures that have been made in Australia recently. 

For any other information regarding the above, head over to the Australia Border Force website.