Latest Customs Seizures

Every now and then we find ourselves with several Australian Border Force (ABF) seizures at once. Today we thought that we would condense them down into one jam packed article:

1. Teenager charged with drug imports

Australian Border Force (ABF) officers at the Melbourne Gateway Facility discovered a suspicious importation in November 2015. Upon examination it was found to contain approx one kilogram of methamphetamine. Between November 2015 and March 2016 the importer, a 19 year old woman, was found to be linked to three other importations via air cargo and international mail. These shipments were also found to contain drugs, both crystal meth and ephedrine. The woman has been charged with several offenses.

2. Oodles of noodles

Four people have been charged, three men and one woman – all in their twenties – with drug importation. The arrests follow a joint operation by the Australian Border Force (ABF) along with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and other agencies. An international mail shipment arrived into Melbourne from China containing a package of noodles.  Investigations by the ABF discovered 12kgs of methamphetamine concealed inside the foodstuffs.

3. There’s something unusual in my bucket ..

A 29 year old Sydney man has been charged with importing approx 18kgs of ephedrine that was concealed in expandable buckets. The consignment arrived into the Sydney International Mail Centre from Malaysia. “Ephedrine is a precursor chemical to the drug ice and through arrests like these we are helping to stop the potential manufacture of this dangerous and illegal drug,” Commander Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Anthony Seebach said.

“ABF officers work tirelessly in combating illicit drug importation to ensure these dangerous drugs do not reach the Australian community.”  Acting Regional Commander Victoria and Tasmania, Glenn Scutts,

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