Las Vegas Dream Park

At EES we believe in supporting dreams, no matter how big or…unusual. When we read about the lofty goals of Josh Kearney, a humble Aussie farm boy who wants to create the first amusement park in Las Vegas, we jumped on board straight away. Want to know why? Mr Kearney wants to use re-purposed shipping containers!

The park, named Vegas Extreme, will feature a mixture of wakeboarding, motocross, whitewater rafting, surfing and zip lining. Huge towers made of shipping containers will provide accommodation and breathtaking views across the park. There will be no unhealthy food on the menu either – the plan is to provide organic and healthy snacks to fuel your appetite.

With Vegas Extreme using sustainable energy (solar panels and 50 wind turbines) and re-purposing shipping containers, this adventure playground sounds like our idea of eco-heaven.

While Mr Kearney is still looking for financing and land, all the adrenaline junkies in the office hope that this Aussie’s dream becomes reality.

For more information on the park, head over to this website.

Source and Image credits: Vegas Inc