Laptops and a new building

The staff here at EES have been raising money for the Hekima Day Care in Tanzania for a few years now.  We are so pleased to see that the gold coin donations that we make every Friday make these children’s lives a little brighter.

Recently Helen Hack, EES Director / Administration Quality, traveled to Tanzania to see the new building being handed over to the teachers and students.  Four brand new laptops were also presented, these were purchased directly from the gold coin donations. This was also a special time for the children as they received brand new shirts with logos from EES’ good friends Robert (Robbie) Sossi and his wife Su.

Here are some stunning pictures of the children and staff along with Helen, Tony (Helen’s brother) and Robert.

The official handover & opening of Hekima Day Care under the Gregory Nikitas foundation. Any funds donated or collected go direct to helping these children to have a chance at being educated.

As the eldest of the family Tony Nikitas officially handed over the building in the name of the Gregory Nikitas foundation.

The new building. Don’t you just love the alphabet wall?

The students ready to say hello.

Robbie hands out the new shirts with logo that he donated to the school.

How smart do they look in their new uniform, through the kind donation of Robbie & Su.

Thumbs up! Looking raring to go.

Handing over of the four laptops donated by the money collected from the staff at EES Shipping on free dress Friday and matched by the company.

Helen said “It was such an honour to hand them (the computers) over on behalf of the staff of EES”.

We hope that you love these updates as much as we do!