Kurgo offices

Today is Friday and at the end of a long (and cold) week, we thought that we would keep keep things simple and show you two of our most favourite things.  Shipping containers and dogs.

Check out this bright orange office created by Leed Containers for Kurgo – the go-to company for all things canine.

Massachusetts is the home for these colourful bright state of the art offices.   Main features of this space not only include the eye catching use of shipping containers, but also includes a slide for employees.  Artificial lawn along with retro playground equipment rounds out the area.

The clean, sophisticated lines of the containers provides an industrial, hipster feel.  The owners of the company note that these recycled shipping containers are just like the ones used to import their products into the country!

Yep, that’s a canoe hanging from the ceiling.  This unique piece actually belonged to the great grandfather of Kurgo’s owners.

Would you like to see a time lapse video taken of the construction of these amazing offices?

Source: kurgo.com and inhabitat.com