KARIBU Hekima Day Care Centre

The children along with Helen and her brother Chris pose with donated items.

EES Shipping’s very own Helen Hack (Administration Director) is currently in Tanzania visiting the staff and children at the Hekima Day Care Centre.

During her visit, she has been able to hand over the money that the staff in the office has raised during fundraising on free dress day. EES staff managed to raise a whopping total of $603, which EES directors matched.  Being able to raise $1206 for this fantastic cause has been a huge win for morale amongst our team.

Helen, along with her two brothers (Tony & Chris, L-R) are founders of the Hekima Day Care Centre

The donation from EES has gone on to mainly purchase 10 new desks for the students at the Day Care Centre.  The desks (pictured above) have been manufactured by the locals in Tanzania, which is also supporting their trade. Other needed items have also been supplied using these funds.

It is hoped that with the introduction of the new desks, over crowding in the school will be minimized, as previously there would be 3 students to each table.

Children sharing their desk – with not much space

In addition to the money raised during the gold coin donation by the EES staff, there has been a personal contribution made by Sue Young of the EES Shipping accounts department..

Sue has personally been to Tanzania and has visited the school and the children.  Whilst having being overwhelmed with how little these children have, Sue was also touched to see how happy the children were.

The money that Sue has given has been able to buy the students many items.  Stationery, books along with sporting equipment along with toys will be definitely appreciated by the children at the school. Sue has also contributed educational materials also.

Chris and Helen show off the charitable donation made by Sue Young along with the locals that are building the new desks

EES Shipping would like to thank the staff (with a special mention to Sue) for their generous donations over the last few months.  We will continue to collect money for these amazing children and Day Care Centre.

Furaha Learning!  (Happy learning in Swahili)