Joggers with a little extra “kick”

The latest drug seizure comes to us from the International Air Cargo Facility in Sydney.

“It’s just an orthopedic insert, I swear!”

The hardworking officers from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Services (ACBPS) intercepted a package which arrived into Sydney from Hong Kong. X-raying of the parcel revealed abnormalities.

The x-ray performed by ACBPS revealed abnormalities

When the officers opened the consignment, they discovered a number of shoes with suspect white powder hidden in the soles. Preliminary testing of the substance indicated positive results for ephedrine.  Ephedrine is a precursor drug used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

“Smugglers will do whatever it takes to evade detection of prohibited and dangerous substances,” ACBPS Regional Commander NSW Tim Fitzgerald said.

“Our officers have the technology and skill to detect and seize these drugs, no matter how creative the concealment may be.”

The smuggler must be kicking themselves thinking they could put one past the ACBPS.

The maximum penalty for importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled precursor, such as ephedrine, is a fine of up to $550,000 and/or 25 years in prison.