Istanbul and pre-loved containers

Welcome to Trump Cadde.  This magnificent shopping mall is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

The architects have embraced the urban look by placing shipping containers on the roof of this mall to create a perfectly balanced shopping and eating area.

We love that the world’s artists are embracing shipping containers.

This space is amazing. It shows off Turkey’s unique culture.

In summer, the units can be opened up, creating a cool breeze. In winter, they can be closed to keep the warmth inside.

Gritty industrial meets urban art. It really works in this space.

Limonade? Yes please..

Some of the shops have even been built out of containers.

Everything comes together perfectly in this space.

We wonder when Australia will catch up and start to utilise pre-loved shipping containers to their fullest capacity.  These shopping centers not only look amazing, but by recycling containers we are also helping the environment.

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