International Mail drug seizure

Two men have been arrested in Sydney after they (allegedly) attempted to import four kilograms of methamphetamine into Australia via International Mail.

The 46 year-old Chinese man along with a 34 year-old man from Lidcombe will face court after this joint operation between the Australian Customs and Border Protection Services (ACBPS) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP).  The operation began in July 2014 – almost one year ago.

Four cardboard packages arrived at the Sydney International Airport from Canada.   The cartons were declared to contain auto rims.  Examination of the shipment revealed the discovery of a white crystalline powder that was concealed in the lining of the cardboard cartons.  Initial testing of the powder indicated it was positive for methamphetamine.

The matter was then referred to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the subsequent arrests were made.

Not savvy enough.. Methamphetamine hidden in the lining of the cartons

The drugs that were hidden in the lining.

Cardboard carton used to conceal the methamphetamine.


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