Indonesian customs data requirements

Indonesia Customs mandatory data requirements now in effect: NPWP (Tax number) and HS code

Please be aware that this information will appear on both the bill of lading and manifest, as per the requirements stipulated by the Indonesian authorities.

 The NPWP Tax ID number must be provided in the following format:
NPWP+      or     NPWP+000000000000000

To remind you, the following information must be included on Import/Export manifests in order to be accepted:

Exports from Oceania to Indonesia:

  • NPWP (Indonesian Tax ID) – to be added in the Consignee column
  • HS CODE (6 digits) – to be added in Cargo Description (first line). 

Imports from Indonesia to Oceania:

  • NPWP (Indonesian Tax ID) – to be added in the Shipper column
  • HS CODE (6 digits) – to be added in Cargo Description (first line).

The official regulation is as follows: 

According to PERATURAN MENTERI KEUANGAN REPUBLIK INDONESIA NOMOR 158/PMK.04/2017 pertaining TATALAKSANA PENYERAHAN PEMBERITAHUAN RENCANA KEDATANGAN SARANA PENGANGKUT, MANIFES KEDATANGAN SARANA PENGANGKUT DAN MANIFES KEBERANGKATAN SARANA PENGANGKUT, which required NPWP (Tax ID) & HS CODE to be mandatory to be included in Import Manifest, it is mandatory to mention NPWP (Tax ID) & 6 digit HS CODE in Bill of Lading. NPWP to be added in Consignee column, HS CODE to be mentioned in Cargo Description (first line).