India’s first container home

Here at EES, we love shipping containers. They are the core of our industry with shipping moving up to 90% of the world’s cargo. We’ve shown you library’s made from recycled shipping containers, art displayed in shipping containers, how reusing shipping containers has assisted the homeless and even how they are helping with the Ebola virus fight.

All of these above uses, along with some spectacular shipping container homes, have fueled our desire to show you more wonderful structures that have been completed using these versatile building material.

This is one of India’s first homes constructed from shipping containers.  It hosts a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and even a balcony!

The home itself is made up from two shipping containers, with the complete structure using four containers (the other two containers are a bachelor pad and an office.)

One of the containers that makes up the house structure consists of the bathroom and the bedroom. The other houses the kitchen and dining area.

^ There’s even a wall made out of glass beer bottles!