Importing a food trailer into Australia

The food truck industry is currently booming in Western Australia.  It’s taken a bit longer for our small part of the world to catch on to a craze that literally everyone has been into for the last few years, but now that it’s here, we can’t get enough.

Now-a-days you can buy any kind of food from a food van.  Mexican, BBQ, Asian – you name it.  You can even buy grilled cheese sandwiches!

Have you purchased, or have been thinking of purchasing, a food van/trailer from overseas for use here in Australia?  There’s a few points that must be addressed before arranging your import, and we’re here to help you.

Import Permit

As your van/trailer will be traveling on the road, you will require an import permit.  The application for the import permit must be lodged prior to it’s importation into Australia.  Note that if your trailer arrives into Australia without the appropriate permit, it may be destroyed, or exported, by the Australian Government (at the importers cost!).

The importation of a road vehicle (that is nonstandard or does not have an identification plate) without a vehicle import approval is prohibited under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989. It is an offence with a maximum penalty of 120 penalty units (refer to the Crimes Act 1914 Section 4 for current penalty unit values).

Asbestos Declaration

Australia has a zero tolerance on asbestos.  It is the importers responsibility to ensure that there is no asbestos contained in/inside the food trailer. To assist in ensuring this, your supplier must provide you with a manufacturers declaration confirming that there is any asbestos inside the vehicle/trailer. 

Full Inventory

A full inventory must be supplied on all the appliances/items that are inside your food trailer. This must be in intricate detail (ie bowls, sink, mixers etc).

Air-conditioning Gas

Any air conditioners arriving into Australia must be accompanying with a manufacturers declaration to confirming that they have been degassed prior to export.

Personal Effects

Your food truck/trailer must only contain items for commercial use, not any personal effects.

Do you need assistance in importing a food trailer/van into Australia?  Contact us today.