Importer fined US$3 million for evading US Customs duties

THREE US bathroom fitting importers must pay US$3 in fines, dressed up as a settlement in a US Government lawsuit in a California federal district court, for evading customs duties on China-made aluminum shower doors and enclosures.

California’s CR Laurence Co must pay $2.3 million, Florida’s Southeastern Aluminum Products Inc, $650,000 while Texas-based Waterfall Group will pay $100,000, said the US Justice Department, reported American Shipper.

The companies made false declarations to US Customs about the country of origin to avoid paying antidumping duties on aluminum extrusions made by Tai Shan Golden Gain Aluminum Products located east of Macau.

The companies transshipped through Malaysia, claiming it as the country of origin. Chinese-made extrusions have been subject to duties since 2010 when the Department of Commerce said they were sold at low prices supported by subsidies.

The case was brought to the attention of law enforcement officials by an informer, who is now eligible to receive $555,100 as his share under the deal.


This article has been taken directly from Asian Shipper News.  All credit given.