Imported gun components seized

We’ve reported on drugs and tobacco being found in imported shipments before but this one is a first. Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) have charged a man with the importation of firearm components.

The contraband was intercepted in international mail in Sydney, which was en route to Queensland. The AFP and Queensland Police executed a search warrant on the man’s house, following which he was arrested.

Three AR-15-type bolt carriers and one AR-15-type lower receiver from the United States were seized by ACBPS.

“The importation of these components without the required import permits is a concern for police. When combined together with other components, they can add up to a dangerous weapon,” said Acting Manager Serious and Organised Crime Commander Appleby.

AFP advise the public that even components of guns pose a danger to the community.

If the man is found guilty, the maximum penalty for this offense is 10 years imprisonment.

image credit: AFP / ACBPS