Imported food must comply

All food importers have been put on notice by the Australian Government (Department of Agriculture) to comply with Australian Importing requirements.

This comes as a Queensland importer was fined $7500 for breaching these rules.  The company director appeared before Southport Magistrates Court in Brisbane last week, he was then charged with one count of breaching section 9(1A) of the Imported Food Control Act 1992 – offences relating to dealing with examinable food.

The importer failed to undertake the required testing of 1500kgs of cooked and peeled prawns that they had imported from Vietnam.   The product was released without the mandatory inspection and testing that was required.

“Importers must comply with government requirements for the testing and inspection of food,” Mr Hunter said.

“Blatant or deliberate disregard of Australia’s food safety and importing requirements will not be tolerated.

“Where necessary regulatory requirements will be enforced and may result in matters being referred to the Court.” Colin Hunter, Department of Agriculture’s First Assistant Secretary for Border Compliance advised.
Visit the Department of Agricultures website here  for all the information on importing food into Australia or contact EES directly.