Import Trade Stats – Fremantle

A solid throughput was recorded at Fremantle Port for the month of February.  The records showed that the amount of containers being moved via the port was slightly down from from the previous month, but average throughput was actually up.

Total container throughput at the port in January 2017 was 56,324 TEU (twenty foot containers), which was a decrease of 6% (3591 TEU). But, if we take into account the fact February was three days shorter than January, we can discern an increase.

The daily average throughput for January was Daily average of 1933 TEU in January, and 2011 TEU per day in February – a 4% increase.

Zooming out, comparing last month’s throughput to the same month last year, there was a 6% decrease, dropping from 60,034 TEU in February 2016.

Total imports into Fremantle were reported to be 27,607 TEU last February, with 23% (6315 TEU) making up coastal imports.

Over the month 25,202 TEU of full containers were imported, 80% of which were overseas imports (20,364 TEU), as opposed to coastal.

Total exports for the month of February came to 28,717 TEU, 37% of which consisted of empty containers.

Source credit: Fremantle Ports & Lloyds List Australia