Illegal export

We report quite often on goods that are being bought into our country illegally, but the sad reality is that things are also quite often smuggled out of Australia as well.

The Australian Border Force (ABF) recently discovered a concealment of lizards attempting to be exported to Slovakia’s black market.

It all began at the Perth International Mail Centre in October when vigilant Australian Border Force (ABF) officers discovered inconsistencies in a shipment of books that were destined for Slovakia. Packed into three parcels, they found 10 spiny concealed tailed geckos, three bearded dragons and two thorny devils.

These critters have now been saved thanks to the officers at the Australian Border Force (ABF).

ABF Regional Commander Rod O’Donnell advises that the black market trade in Australian wildlife is lucrative, and has asked that the community be on alert on the presence of smuggling of native wildlife out of the country.