Huge Cocaine Bust made in China

70 kilograms of cocaine – equivalent to the weight of an average baby giraffe

Chinese police have made an extraordinary discovery in a shipping container that arrived in Shanghai from Peru for transhipment to New Zealand.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officials in the United States tipped off the Chinese police on the arrival of the suspect container after intercepting and analyzing phone messages, calls and email from a Mexican drug cartel member that was recently murdered. The DEA advised the police in China that the container would arrive at Shanghai port on the 18th August.

Shanghai is one of the world’s largest ports

Upon the shipping  container arriving into Shanghai port, the vessel and container were searched, with a whopping 70 kilograms of cocaine being discovered.  The U.S. street value of a haul this size is USD6.5 million.

The official news agency in China described the discovery as “the largest amount ever recovered by Chinese police in a single case in recent years”.