How Buying a Beer Can Provide Flood Relief in the Eastern States

What do you get when you cross a freight forwarder, a wholesale distributor and a couple of brewing companies? A new beer and a great way to raise much-needed funds for flood-impacted businesses in the eastern states.

No, it’s not a joke, we at EES Shipping have joined forces with Bintani Australia, Shelter Brewing, Wayward Brewing Co, Rocky Ridge Brewing Co, Bevy Brewing Co and Konvoy Kegs to create the Flood Relief Pale Ale.

I think you’d struggle to find anyone in the country who isn’t aware of how devastating the flooding has been in the eastern states this year, and so when our client Bintani approached us and asked us if we’d like to help out, we couldn’t sign on fast enough.

Beer sale proceeds will be directed through the Ingrained Foundation, with the aim of raising around $30,000.

It’s a worthy cause, and one EES Shipping is proud to be part of.

At a time when the shipping industry is continuing to deal with a vast array of issues, including the ongoing global pandemic, it would be easy to say we’re too busy to help, or don’t have money to spare.

But at EES Shipping, we have made a point of integrating our values into our business model, and that includes supporting others in our community.

We have no doubt that should we ever find ourselves in a similar situation, there would be others who wouldn’t think twice about helping us get back on our feet.

The pandemic has generated plenty of fear and uncertainty in recent times, so a collaboration like this is a reminder of the power of coming together, and just how important it is to look out for one another.

I would also like to think by putting our hand up – or in this case, putting our logo on the beer label – we encourage other businesses to look at what they can do to help out.

It’s also an opportunity to continue to build strong relationships with others both in our industry and outside of it, and what better way to solidify a relationship than by working together to make a difference?

While the beer collaboration will assist in raising funds for our fellow Australians, we’re also supporting other groups within our immediate area too.

We’ve again signed on as a sponsor of the Behind the Goals program on community station SportFM, because as much as we think we could talk sport on the radio, we appreciate it takes talent to do so, and we support that!

We also recently welcomed the Southern Lions Rugby Union Club into the EES family, and will sponsor the junior team, as well as the senior team head coach this season.

Some might suggest these are small sponsorships, but for our small business, they’re meaningful contributions that we know are making a difference.

And as we know, from little things, big things grow.

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